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Product Information Manager at Sanofi



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Product Information Manager




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Product Information Manager at Sanofi

About Sanofi

Founded in 2004, Sanofi is a multinational pharmaceutical and healthcare company headquartered in Paris with a sustained reputation for transforming the practice of medicine - turning the impossible into the possible for patients. Recently, Sanofi has embarked on a journey to increase the accessibility of its care and products to patients globally by separating its consumer health care organization (CHC) into an autonomous brand.

The Objective 

Sanofi found themselves facing significant challenges in their search process while trying to fill a crucial position within their team. Recognizing the unique nature of the role they were seeking to fill, they realized that a traditional approach of posting a job advertisement and hoping to attract top-tier talent would not suffice. As a result, Sanofi decided to seek assistance from Press & Associates.

The Solution 

Press & Associates, known for their deep industry knowledge and extensive network, was well-equipped to meet Sanofi's unique needs. They understood the intricacies and had a proven track record of identifying and attracting top talent in specialized roles. Through their collaborative partnership, Sanofi and Press & Associates aimed to go beyond the conventional recruitment methods and employ a more comprehensive strategy to secure the best possible fit for the critical position.

Working closely together, Sanofi and Press & Associates embarked on a tailored recruitment journey. This involved conducting thorough market research, identifying potential candidates with the desired expertise, and proactively reaching out to them. Instead of passively waiting for applications to roll in, they actively sought out individuals who possessed the niche skill set required to excel in the role. This approach allowed Sanofi to tap into a pool of talent that may have otherwise been overlooked through traditional recruitment channels.

Briefing → Week 1

Candidate Generation → Week 1-2

Interviewing → Week 2-3

Offer Management → Week 4

Search Completed → Week 5

The Result

Press & Associates implemented a rigorous screening and evaluation process to ensure that each candidate met Sanofi's stringent requirements. This involved assessing not only technical competencies but also cultural fit, ensuring that the selected candidate would seamlessly integrate into Sanofi's team and work environment.

Through their collaborative efforts, Sanofi successfully filled the critical role with a highly skilled professional who would contribute significantly to the company's objectives and drive its continued success.