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Our industry-leading approach to the Private Equity landscape allows us to provide a personalized, reliable, and seamless executive search that helps your organization secure top-performing technology leadership talent across North America.

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See the entire executive search process,
every step of the way

A structured, yet agile search methodology, maximizing the chances of success
We offer expert advice and the information necessary to ensure they can make a well-informed decision at each stage of the process.
Comprehensive visibility and communication ensures you are always informed and up to date on the talent pipeline.

Kickoff Meeting

Working together, we craft a role profile, confirm the essential skills and experience required, and pinpoint the ideal target candidate. We establish a process and define your Employee Value Proposition.

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Identify the Best Talent

We leave no stone unturned when searching for the best talent. Using a combination of market mapping and exhaustive outbound talent sourcing techniques, we cast a wide net over your entire market to ensure that no relevant candidates slip through the cracks.

Systematic Engagement

We approach each candidate with discretion and strategically combine our outreach methods to form successful relationships. Once engaged, we then assess the interests and capabilities of each prospective candidate to create a complete list of qualified interviewees.

Steering Meetings

We hold weekly meetings to keep you informed and ensure our search continually advances toward the most successful outcome.

Shortlists for Interviews

Following a thorough competency-based assessment, we identify the best candidates that fit your search prerequisites. We work closely with you to narrow down this list and select the right candidates for interviews.

Client Interviews & Assessments

We promote open communication and absolute transparency throughout the interview process to ensure we identify the ideal technology executive for your business needs.

Offer & Onboarding

We collaborate to get the desired candidate and come to a mutually agreeable solution. We ensure both parties feel valued and excited for the journey ahead.

Industries we serve

We also serve clients in the following industries:
Software & SaaS  •  Manufacturing  •  Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology  •  Logistics & Packaging  •  Education •  Healthcare •  Government Aerospace & Defense •  Energy •  Construction •  Retail & Consumer •  Industrials
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