Accelerate your growth with the right talent

Across North America, our client partners experience extraordinary investment gains by leveraging the best technology talent. Our expertise in helping Growth Equity firms hire industry leaders in their technology functions allows them to stay on track and exceed objectives.

Unparalleled expertise to enable your growth strategy

Phenomenal performance history

We deliver our partners outstanding shortlists in half the time of our competitors.

Unparalleled speed of candidate hires

Press & Associates has a 98% fill rate, 1.46 times better than the leading industry standard. With us as your partner, you can be confident that you will get what you need.

Goal-oriented payments

We don't expect payments on lapsed time. We invoice based on meeting significant objectives, aligning our success with yours.

Global executive searches with a niche focus

We provide access to the top technology talent in North America, spanning from New York to Los Angeles, including major cities such as Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Boca Raton, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Our extensive network in the Private Equity space ensures you will find the perfect candidate for your needs.

Placing best-in-class technology talent for your business

Businesses in the competitive Growth Equity landscape require strong leadership to sustain a successful growth trajectory. At P&A, we draw on our wide-ranging networks and industry expertise to identify the optimal technology talent for your Growth Equity firm, so that you can achieve your goals.

Connect with our Private Equity Search Experts

Leverage our expertise and tailored process to meet your specific business needs and elevate your growth targets. Our team of talented acquisition specialists is experienced in the Growth Equity market and can provide the perfect solution to meet your objectives. We focus on the bigger picture to ensure top-tier talent and maximize your investment growth timeline.

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