Functional Expertise

Our recruitment experts have the focus, know-how and network to pinpoint the best candidates and secure the right person for your organization. 

Job functions we serve

Human Resources

Looking to fill a role in Human Resources? Our team of recruitment experts will use a tailored approach to find the best candidates that will have a longer tenure and impact within your company. Our vast network of candidates include entry-level to senior and executive roles, from HR Generalists to Coordinators and Advisors.

Technology, Digital, Cyber Security, Data, Ecommerce

Our technology recruitment team’s proactive approach pools talent across a large range of verticals including product, engineering, infrastructure, research and development, e-commerce, enterprise applications, cyber security, UX/UA, and other positions to help fill any tech-based role, whether you are a start-up or a global corporation.

Finance & Accounting

We find and hire skilled accounting and finance professionals to help you find the perfect fit for your company. Our recruiting experts maintain long-term relationships with finance and accounting executives who hold CFAs, CPAs, CFPs and more based on your requirements.

Strategy & Operations

Hiring the perfect strategy and operations leader is crucial if you want to optimize productivity at your organization. This is why our experts select candidates who have a “can do” attitude and an extensive track record of solving problems and unlocking potential.

Supply Chain

Do you have a spot to fill within your supply chain or logistics company? Executives in this space must be agile, with strong problem solving skills. Our recruitment specialists can identify candidates that possess this specific skill set required to remain current and competitive in the fast-changing supply chain function.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A diverse team boosts innovation, and is a key-driver of an organization’s success. At P&A we are dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion in leadership roles, to leverage different perspectives and experiences. We work closely with our clients to achieve their diversity and inclusion objectives, to foster a collaborative and inclusive organization.

Legal, Regulatory & Compliance

Hiring for legal, regulatory and compliance positions takes nuance and a specialized process to make sure that you are getting the right talent fit. At P&A our executive search experts understand the intricacies in this space that can help lead your enterprise to success.

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