Digital Health and Science Lead

Digital Health and Science Lead at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare


Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

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$5 Billion Annual Revenue

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Digital Health and Science Lead




New Jersey & Paris, France

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Digital Health and Science Lead at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

About Sanofi Healthcare

Founded in 2004, Sanofi is a multinational pharmaceutical and healthcare company headquartered in Paris with a sustained reputation of transforming the practice of medicine - turning the impossible into the possible for patients. Recently, Sanofi has embarked on a journey to increase the access of their care and products to patients globally by separating its consumer health care organization (CHC) into an autonomous brand.

The Objective

Press & Associates was engaged to support filling a brand new role for their client, aimed at leading the digital transformation of their Science (R&D) verticals and transitioning the company into a consumer healthcare-focused organization. This role was crucial for a few key reasons.

Firstly, it required a unique blend of IT and R&D expertise that couldn't be found internally, resulting in strained relations between the two departments. Secondly, the success of this transformation would set the precedent for Science's digital capabilities, the Science-IT relationship, and the launch of CHC as a consumer healthcare business.

The Press & Associates team understood the significance of this role and aimed to find a candidate who could bridge the gap between IT and R&D, ensuring a high level of efficiency within R&D. By doing so, they sought to enable a seamless digital transformation within the Science verticals and contribute to the successful launch of the CHC initiative.

The Solution

Press & Associates, renowned for our extensive industry knowledge and wide-ranging connections, possessed the ideal capabilities to meet Sanofi CHC's distinctive requirements. As we possessed a profound understanding of the intricacies involved and had a demonstrated history of successfully identifying and attracting exceptional individuals for specialized positions.

Through our collaborative partnership, Sanofi CHC and Press & Associates aimed to surpass conventional recruitment methods by implementing a comprehensive strategy to secure the most suitable candidate for this crucial role. Working closely together, we embarked on a customized recruitment endeavor, which encompassed conducting thorough market research, pinpointing potential candidates possessing the desired expertise, and proactively engaging with them. This proactive approach enabled Sanofi CHC to tap into a pool of talent that might have otherwise gone unnoticed using traditional recruitment channels.

Kick-off search, begin sourcing, compensation research, reach out to candidates → Week 1

Initial conversations kick-off and continued until our first steering meeting → Week 2

Present the first round of shortlisted candidates → Week 5

CL interviews begin with approved candidates → Week 6

Restructure of search. Continued presenting candidates every two weeks → Week 7

Slowed sourcing and reach outs as CL interviews were progressing quickly with a specific candidate → Week 9

Candidate completed 5 rounds of CL interviews → Week 10

Began creating offers with HR → Week 13

Interviews completed, candidate pre-closed → Week 15

Search completed→ Week 16

The Result

Press & Associates successfully hired an entrepreneurial top performer for Sanofi CHC's critical role, placing their business in an excellent position to drive the digital transformation. The selected candidate brings the necessary IT and R&D expertise along with exceptional entrepreneurial skills.

With the dedicated leadership of this talented individual, our client can confidently integrate digital capabilities into their Science (R&D) verticals, setting a precedent for success. Our candidate's expertise will enhance the Science-IT relationship and foster collaboration, ensuring efficient operations.

P&A's professional approach and meticulous candidate selection yielded remarkable results. The successful hire positions Sanofi CHC for continued growth and success in the consumer healthcare industry, supported by the expertise of their new leader.

Overall, P&A's solution delivered an entrepreneurial top performer, enabling the client to drive their digital transformation and thrive in the consumer healthcare market.