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ERP Product Owner Executive at Dazpak Flexible Packaging, an H.I.G Portfolio Company


Dazpak Flexible Packaging, an H.I.G Portfolio Company

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ERP Product Owner Executive at Dazpak Flexible Packaging, an H.I.G Portfolio Company

About Dazpak Flexible Packaging, a H.I.G Portfolio Company

Dazpak, a H.I.G Portfolio Company is a highly adaptable packaging company that specializes in creating an extensive range of flexible packaging solutions for a diverse set of markets, including food & beverage, health & beauty, pet food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and agricultural sectors. Their product line includes a broad spectrum of offerings, such as printed laminated roll stock, stand-up zipper pouches, stick packs and sachets, shrink sleeves, pressure-sensitive labels, unprinted roll stock, pouches, bags, and much more.

The Objective

To facilitate ERP implementations and integrations in response to recent growth, Dazpak required a new ERP Product Owner Executive. Reporting directly to the CFO, this role required a professional who could advise the CFO/technology leader and ensure maximum utilization of EPS-Radius capabilities for Dazpak. With continuous growth, the company sought a senior advisory/executive who could manage all project management and provide guidance on best practices.

The role required continuous integration of the ERP process with current companies, as well as any newly acquired firms. This created challenges in merging and adapting processes for different ERP systems. The role's strategic vision and goal were to help the CFO implement a business system that standardized business operations across different sites, despite the challenges of local-level differences in culture, subcultures, and personalities. Emotional intelligence was as essential as technical skills to execute the implementation of the ERP system. The sites have specific performance measuring capabilities, but operating within a new standardized way of doing business in the manufacturing environment was necessary.

The Solution

Dazpak worked closely with Press & Associates to develop a tailored solution to address the challenges, reservations, and concerns associated with the search. Press & Associates crafted the perfect strategy and messaging to take to the market, ensuring they attract the right talent, keep prospects engaged throughout the interview process, and ultimately deliver the ideal candidate. All stakeholders were involved throughout this process to ensure effective communication and transparency.

Briefing → Week 1

Target List & Mapping → Week 2

Candidate Generation → Week 3

Longlisting & Shortlisting → Week 4

Interviewing → Week 5

Offer Management → Week 6

Search Completed → Week 7

The Result

The individual hired had extensive experience in Radius, ERP implementation, multi-site implementation, and the flexible packaging industry, having worked with numerous packaging companies and the manufacturing industry overall (including in Sunoco's flexible packaging division). They possessed a deep understanding of Radius, having worked closely with the principal founder and other key individuals at the company. They proved to be a strategic leader and advisor who excelled in strategizing, planning, and standardizing operations. They were passionate about using their knowledge and experience to help companies that faced similar challenges and were adept at avoiding common pitfalls.