Hire passive candidates with opportunistic hiring

Top talent always adds value. At P&A, we use proactive recruitment to identify and hire top talent to ensure that your organization hires the best professionals possible. 

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Proactive recruitment to help you to stay ahead of the competition

Opportunistic hiring allows you to form an all-star leadership team with consistent access to top talent. 
Respond better to shifts in your industry’s landscape so you can get a leg up on the competition.
Future-proof your talent bench by creating a pipeline of qualified candidates who are ready to step into your company when the opportunity arises.

Interview Industry Leaders

All candidates are interviewed in order to understand their career aspirations, motivations, and values.

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Evaluate Options

Each candidate we interview will be assessed to determine what industries, roles and companies they would be a great match for.

Identify Desirable Outcomes

Once we understand where a candidate should be placed, we identify all suitable stakeholders in our network and externally.

Systematically Engage

After identifying suitable contacts, we confidentially and discreetly engage with our network to explore any viable opportunities and facilitate introductions. 

Facilitate Hiring Process

After introductions, we will facilitate the hiring process in an efficient and effective manner.

Offer & Acceptance

Once we’ve identified a mutual fit, we would help both the company and candidate to come to an agreeable employment offer.

Successful onboarding & continued support

After ensuring successful onboarding, P&A will continue to offer support to ensure that the opportunity continues to align with candidate and employer aspirations.

Industries we serve

We also serve clients in the following industries:
Advisory & Consulting •  Ecommerce •  Finance & Accounting • Asset Management • FinTech • Insurance • Energy • BioPharma • Healthcare • Industrials
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