Human Resources

Hire right, because the penalties of hiring wrong are huge.

The future of an enterprise is determined by the makeup of its people. In today's highly competitive talent market, a strong HR team can become a corporate contributor as an independent revenue generator. Developing and managing a pipeline of talent is essential to developing a skilled, diverse, global workforce. P&A connects enterprises to HR executives who can immerse themselves in and represent the organization's culture, values and objectives.

In the highly dynamic market of HR, having the right ambassador representing and bringing in talent can be the difference between hiring to fill a need and hiring to succeed. Let us connect you to the next HR executive who can represent your brand and strategically navigate through the talent market to meet your enterprise objectives. 

Level of candidates we place:
  • Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Chief People Officer

  • Global Head of Executive Search

  • VP Talent Acquisition

  • VP Diversity & Inclusion

  • Principals/Partners

Industries we support:

Finance & Banking



Professional Services

PE/VC firms



Consumer goods


Real Estate & Construction