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Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs are the backbone of the economy. They offer new solutions through innovation and entrepreneurial ventures.

These up and comers need the best talent out there to not only continue their rapid growth trajectory, but also to compete with the Fortune 500 on a daily basis. 


Press & Associates has decades of experience helping SMEs find future leaders to help them achieve their objects as well as bringing in knowledge and skills from larger companies who have 'been there and done it'.

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Fortune 500

Once you are at the top, the work has only just begun. Enterprises in the Fortune 500 are aware that to be the best, and stay the best, they need to continuously search for top talent that will help secure their objectives. 

Technology is a huge reason for this ever fluctuating landscape with many of the world's leading enterprises now prioritizing digital transformation.

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Private Equity & Venture Capital

You need the best talent in the world if your objective is to consistently take underperforming businesses and turn them into stronger ones by increasing operational efficiencies, and with it earnings.

Press & Associates has extensive experience working with PE & VC firms to help them identify, secure, and retain top executives who can do just this.

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Consulting Firms

Consulting firms are the go to trusted partners for companies of all shapes and sizes. The firms are notoriously difficult to secure a job with and it is even harder to keep it. This is due the the continuous need and expectation for top performance as their clients require the same.

Press & Associates has helped small, medium and large firms hire top talent from competitors and out of industry at Partner level and above. This is across Strategy, Operation, Finance & Accounting, Legal, Marketing, Human Resources, and Technology / Digital / IT services.

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Executive Search



Executive search is usually a retained service to support an enterprise in planning, identifying, engaging and onboarding the best candidate for leadership roles.

Searches are primarily performed for mission critical roles that directly influence the enterprise’s ability to achieve key objectives. Taking a proactive and focused approach, executive search helps enterprises identify and secure their next leaders. 


76% of hiring staff say attracting quality candidates is their biggest challenge.


The company with the best talent thrives; staying competitive requires being proactive. Finding the best talent to elevate your enterprise takes more than a job posting on your company career page or LinkedIn/Indeed.

Leading, or aspiring to lead, enterprises understand the value of deliberately and aggressively pursuing the top talent as the best method of strengthening their enterprise.

The market is always evolving and your enterprise is always facing new challenges. New innovations require new skills and as a result, there is always a talent shortage in the marketplace. Leading enterprises shape their future of work strategy and gain an advantage in the talent market through proactively recruiting top professionals for mission critical goals.

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Talent shortages in the United States have risen to historical levels with 69% of employers having difficulty filling jobs - the highest in more than a decade.


We love what we do.

Press & Associates has a wealth of experience in executive search across North America and globally. As a mid-sized search firm you have access to Partner level professionals at our firm who have extensive experience in delivering searches meeting and exceeding expectations.

Each search we embark on has a tailored strategy to ensure we identify the best options for you and your enterprise. Along with this strategy is a P&A Partner and a team of expert search professionals excited to deliver. 


  • Lower risk of bad hires - 99% success rate with most of the professional we place being promoted within 24 months of joining

  • Confidential approach providing multiple options for you to consider

  • Access to the candidates specifically aligned to your brief and organization

  • Finding the best out there who have both rare and in-demand skill sets

  • Access to resources you don’t have

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Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a workforce solution in which a business transfers all or part of its permanent recruitment to an external provider.

Our solutions are built to address your specific needs, creating efficiencies, and establishing a strong employer brand. We give you access to a dedicated, industry-specific, expert talent acquisition team that matches your unique business and talent goals.

Press & Associates are experts in each stage of the recruitment life cycle having delivered thousands of successful search engagements 

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64% of Human Resource leaders prioritize growing the business through talent acquisition


People are your biggest asset. As time passes people grow and change, enterprises transform, objectives fluctuate, and new opportunities present themselves. Planning for this change is integral to your enterprise's short, medium, and long term success.

An RPO is a proactive measure to executive search that limits reactive, time sensitive hiring which occurs when you fail to plan. 

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44% of Human Resource Executives are concerned about their current and future leadership bench


Strategic Talent Acquisition is Our Passion.

Through our experience in executive search, talent acquisition, human resources, strategy and operations we have developed a successful RPO service that delivers unparalleled results.


  • Increase success rates of achieving enterprise objectives

  • Reduces stress and urgency to hire

  • Minimize business disruptions

  • Identifying rising stars

  • Stay ahead of the competition

  • More successful hiring and onboarding process

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Opportunistic Hiring



While opportunistic hiring may sound like a fancy talent acquisition term, it simply refers to hiring good talent when the opportunity arises, rather than waiting for a position to open.

Talent shortages are increasing year over year and top talent who add value to an organization will inevitably be snapped up quickly. It’s therefore worth considering hiring an individual even when a job doesn’t exist. Opportunistic hiring allows employers to operate more strategically and gain talent for the future.


It is very difficult, almost impossible, for a company to outperform competition and achieve objectives without having the best talent in their team.

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$8.5 Trillion - Talent Shortage:

By 2030, more than 85 million jobs could go unfilled because there aren’t enough skilled people to take them.


In an ideal world, we would have exactly what we need when we need it. Reality on the other hand is not so accommodating. When an exceptional professional becomes available, the leading enterprises understand the importance of seizing the opportunity. Having the wherewithal to identify talent and opportunistically acquire them can significantly accelerate your business towards your objectives.

An enterprise that only uses recruitment to fill current and immediate talent needs will be always be one step behind those that act proactively and focus on future hiring projections.

72% of companies reported talent shortages in 2020 - more than three times higher than a decade ago.


If you’re not hiring ahead, you’re falling behind.

Press & Associates has a wealth of experience in executive search across North America and globally. We are experts in identifying professionals who add significant ‘return on investment’ and have demonstrated this consistently throughout their careers. 

Our unique candidate centric approach to executive search allows us to partner with top performers, understand their career objectives, and introduce them to the companies who align. 

The opportunistic hiring service we offer not only allows the candidate to achieve their career objectives, but it also gives enterprises the chance to be confidentially introduced to passive talent who could help them achieve mission critical objectives

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