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Paul Press

Managing Partner
Since the establishment of Press & Associates in 2016, Paul has been at the forefront of forming robust and enduring collaborations with a multitude of prestigious global private equity firms. His expertise lies in aiding these firms in critical hiring decisions for their value creation teams and facilitating numerous executive-level appointments within their technology departments across their portfolio companies.

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The growth equity landscape presents a mix of opportunities and challenges, making it essential to have the right leadership in place. With Press & Associate's extensive industry experience, you can discover the top technology leadership necessary to drive your company's expansion and success. Invest in your growth and success with Press & Associates.

Record of successful outcomes
Our experienced consultants boast a remarkable 1.46x higher success rate than the industry average in finding and attracting top technology talent.
Streamlined & robust search process
Our executive search platform utilizes innovative technology to streamline the search process and provide real-time updates.
Quickly identify your ideal candidate
Press & Associates streamlines the process and presents a tailored shortlist within 4-6 weeks, cutting the time in half compared to other search firms.

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